Interim management services

When deciding on the registration of a company in Russia, at the stage of establishing a legal entity and before state registration, it is necessary to choose a sole executive body, which can be either an individual or a legal entity. Information about the sole executive body must be entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

From September 1, 2014, the company may have several sole executive bodies. They can exercise their powers both jointly and separately, the list of their powers is prescribed in the Charter.

When it is necessary to contact the company to obtain interim management services:

  1. Entering the Russian market.

A foreign company makes a decision to register a company in Russia, but the business model does not imply the presence of a local CEO, or a complete relocation of a foreign employee to the position of CEO in Russia.

       2. Building a monitoring system and oversight.

The parent company wants to get independent expertise in the management of a local company. In this case, the company's employees will conduct business development projects, and the organization providing interim management services will control the document flow, sign the relevant documents, represent the company's interests in government bodies, and carry out compliance control.

       3. Termination of business in Russia.

Liquidation of the company, appointment of the chief of the liquidation commission, proper execution of the liquidation procedure. For more details on the liquidation procedure, see the section company liquidation in Russia.

Our company is ready to provide interim management services. However, we understand that no one knows your business better than you. Therefore, at the registration stage, we provide possibility of having two sole executive bodies with their own individual scope of powers along with the same minimum, which is determined by law.

As a result of separate management in decision-making by managers with different professional skills and knowledge, a balance of competencies is achieved. You can focus on the development of your business in Russia, and we will build routine business processes, carry out compliance control, that can bring additional protection of business owners from abuse by the local staff. In addition to interim management services, we are ready to keep accounting records, fixing the cost at a minimum level at the initial stage.

Advantages of interim management services in Russia

  • Prompt problem solving, ensuring business continuity.
  • Coordination of decisions with the parent company, financial control.
  • Availability of constant legal support in complex issues, internal compliance.
  • Cost savings, no need to hire an expensive specialist, and ensure his/her relocation to Russia.
  • Flexibility in terms: no need to waste time searching for an employee, our company will take over the duties of the sole executive body in the shortest possible time. We can also quickly transfer the management of the company to you in case of termination of the need to use the services. At the same time, the company will comply with all necessary internal and external requirements and regulations.
  • Custom-tailored solutions for each client. In each individual case, we think over the optimal options from a company registration to the start of operations.

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