Company setup in Russia

When you decide to establish business in Russia, you can face a range of tasks that require competent prompt decisions. You can try to open business along, but it is reasonable to contact local legal professionals who will carry out the turnkey procedure to save both time and money.

For over 30 years, Emerging Markets Group has been providing registration services in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities of Russia for foreign companies. Experienced lawyers, accountants, tax consultants take care of all issues related to starting a business:

  • Consulting on organizational and legal form, taxation system, set up of corporate accounting.
  • Preparation of documents required for registration of a legal entity, amendments to the charter and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  • Development of constituent documents for registration of a new company: LLC, representative office/ branch of a foreign company, non-profit organization.
  • Accompanying the client at a notary.
  • Submission of documents to government agencies, representation in registration and regulatory authorities.
  • Obtaining confirmation about the registration of a company in Russia.
  • Consulting on opening a current bank account.
  • Transfer of notifications to the tax service, Social Insurance Fund and the Pension Fund, etc.

Drawing on 30 years of experience, EMG experts support the opening of a company and help to establish all processes at the enterprise, from accounting to the compliance control. We deeply analyze current position, recommend the best possible approach of work and registration actions.

Foundation of LLC, registration of Representative office and Branch

There are some crucial differences between LLC and RO/ Branches connected with registration process, responsibility and financing. The most significant diversity is in the way you plan to do business in Russia. In case your activity in Russia involves importing products to the territory of the Russian Federation LLC will be better option since LLC does not have difficulties with obtaining necessary certificates/declarations for import.

The scope of legal services with regard to establishing a LLC (Limited Liability Company, or OOO) includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the foundation documents for the company
  • Registration of the company
  • Making the company’s corporate stamp
  • Opening of bank accounts

Representative office of foreign company accredited in the Russian Federation is authorized only to represent interests of the Company and to protect them, but has no right to carry out commercial activities. Branches, on the other hand, are authorized to carry out commercial activity, in addition to representing the interests of the company. 

Both Branches and Representative offices shall be opened based on the resolution of the Company and managed by the Head (Director) of the Branch or Representative office acting based on the Power of Attorney issued by the Company. The procedure for accreditation is the same for both Branches and Representative offices:

  • Approval of the foreign staff headcount in the Branch office by the Chamber.
  • Accreditation of the Branch in the Accreditation Authority. Branches and Representative offices of the Company shall be accredited by the Tax Inspectorate № 47 of the Federal Tax Service of Russian Federation located in Moscow (the “Tax Inspectorate”). The accreditation is given for an indefinite term. The certificate of accreditation of the Branch or Representative office shall be issued by the Tax Inspectorate within 30 working days from the day of submission of full set of documents.
  • Making the stamp of the Company’s Branch.
  • Obtaining of the documents from the Tax Authority, Social Funds and Statistics Service.
  • Opening a bank account for the Company’s Branch.

Emerging Markets Group is reliable competent services provider for company registration in Moscow, St. Petersburg.

 We bring confidence and experience for you to focus on your core activity.

  • Experience over 30 years. We have extensive experience in legislation and accounting since 1994.
  • Financial guarantees. We guarantee against financial losses associated with our mistakes.
  • An integrated approach to the client's tasks. There is always a team of lawyer, accountant and tax consultant working for each project. It is also possible to attract more narrow specialists.
  • Thorough knowledge of legislation. Starting a new project, we plunge into the topic, understand the legal norms and help the client to understand.
  • Accuracy in paperwork. We follow all the norms of business document flow.
  • 100% confidentiality. We strictly adhere to the norms of professional ethics.

Maria Prisyazhnaya
​Senior Lawyer. Auditor Assistant