Tax consulting and optimization

Tax optimization is important to any company. Competent planning and a comprehensive understanding of available tax schemes are the first steps toward increased profit. EMG consults on tax-related issues in St. Petersburg and Moscow, assisting legal entities in:

• Simplifying their calculation of mandatory tax payments
• Reducing costs
• Defending the interests of controlling organizations
• Making adjustments and submitting revised returns for past tax periods

By outsourcing your accounting in Moscow and St. Petersburg to our experts, your company will be provided with practical tax advice and a full business audit in compliance with international and Russian accounting rules. Our tax consultants are able to help organize corporate financial planning and give practical recommendations on preventive measures and transfer pricing.

Our clients' business objectives and interests always come first. We offer balanced solutions that are easy to implement in new and existing companies. EMG can help you reduce the base for calculating taxes, reducing costs, which you can reinvest in your business and its further development.

How we evaluate tax optimization

Providing accounting services and tax advice in St. Petersburg and Moscow is one of the main areas of EMG's work. We are happy to work on one-off requests or a retainer basis. We work with companies of all ownership types and our clients include commercial, state, municipal enterprises, and non-profit associations.

Tax optimization is carried out in several stages:

• Examination of the current situation and elimination of any uncovered errors
• Development of a tax plan that fit with your business objectives
• Implementation of the developed tax plan and corrections to any relevant documents and the current accounting system
• Ongoing monitoring of results

Optimization is carried out taking into account the specifics of the industry in which the company operates. It includes the choice of tax regime, introduction of operations that allow you to reimburse VAT, and work with offshore companies. We have extensive experience coming up with innovative custom-tailored solutions for our clients.

Benefits working with Emg

• Reliability - we have been consulting on accounting issues since 1994 and we have significant experience challenging the Russian Federal Tax Service.
• Actual solutions - we are always on top of changes to the Russian tax code.
• Combined experience of lawyers, economists, accountants, and auditors - we always involve specialists from different areas in each project as required.
• Integrity - we work exclusively within the framework of Russian and international laws and business standards.
• A complex approach - you get legal, accounting, and auditing services in one place.
• Security - you are insured against claims from regulatory authorities.

EMG strives to minimize all tax-related risks and provide innovative tax optimization strategies to our clients. For tax optimization and accounting services consulting in Saint Petersburg, please call +7 (812) 336-43-86 or in Moscow +7 (495) 481-29-01.


Natalya Polukeeva
Head of the Accounting and Tax Department
Maria Rumiantseva
Deputy Head of the Accounting and Tax department