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Many companies prefer to give only some parts of thier accounting to outsourcing. Accounting providers can take care of payroll and HR services and keep the rest for the customer. This helps to manage costs, risks, problems with qualified and competent personnel, as well as solve administrative and so-called paper tasks.

In order to assess the need for switching to payroll outsourcing, we offer to consider the advantages that can be obtained in the process of using services from a reliable provider:

  • Save money and time:
    Doing business requires a huge amount of resources. The transfer of even part of the accounting function will help to concentrate on the main activity. You do not have to hire additional staff, as well as spend resources on its training and maintenance. Thus, you can reduce the cost of managing the function within the company.
  • Data protection and confidentiality:
    In-house payroll is associated with high risks of losing personal data of employees. Even if you are confident in the reliability of the staff, as well as the security of your software, you must consider the security of the server or network. Reliable payroll service providers protect and store their customers' data on highly secure cloud servers, and use advanced encryption technologies to ensure information security. Their professional responsibility is insured against mistakes. This whole complex is included in the services of payroll outsourcing, when as an attempt to do the same inside the company is associated with high, sometimes irreplaceable costs.
  • Access to the latest technology:
    Payroll outsourcing will also help you take advantage of access to a number of technical solutions developed by the service provider to optimize data processing. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to complement your own HR decisions. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to complement your own decisions in the field of personnel management and payroll with our developments, which will undoubtedly be an advantage and will save time, increase efficiency and reduce IT and administration costs.
  • Turnkey solutions:
    It is no secret that each company requires customized solutions in the field of personnel management and payroll. The processes depend on the size of the company, as well as its structure. By analyzing the work of the personnel service, we are ready to come up with ready-made solutions for a specific task.

Emerging Markets Group is one of the leading companies - providers of outsourcing of salaries and personnel records in Russia. We provide a range of services for startups, foreign companies entering the Russian market or already operating on it, as well as medium and large businesses that want to optimize internal processes or conduct personnel records in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation:

Анализ организации работы кадровой службы клиента, а также консультирование по вопросам.Analyses of the client's HR department, as well as consulting on personnel issues.
Настройка кадрового учёта или оптимизация работы.Setting up personnel records or optimizing ongoing work.
Расчет зарплаты и организация документооборота.Payroll and organization of personnel workflow.
Ведение кадрового учёта в соответствии с трудовым законодательством РФ и внутренними правилами заказчика.Maintaining personnel records in accordance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and internal rules of the client.
Кадровый аудит, а также сопровождение в ходе проверок Трудовой инспекцией и другими регулирующими органами.Labor audit, as well as support during inspections by the Labor Inspections and other regulatory bodies.

Our payroll specialists are constantly improving, working closely with lawyers specializing in labor law, which allows us to monitor all changes in the law and offer timely solutions to any, even the most non-standard issues. Emerging Markets Group accountants carefully check all incoming data and act in accordance with clear procedures to avoid mistakes. Our clients are insured against financial losses associated with claims of the Russian tax authorities.

Payroll and personnel administration services can be divided into 3 blocks: payroll services, payroll reporting, personnel records. Each unit can be modified depending on the needs of the client.


  • Payroll;
  • Calculation of vacation pay;
  • Calculation of severance pay for dismissals;
  • Payments on temporary disability sheets;
  • Crediting bonus compensation;
  • Calculation of average earnings for a business trip period;
  • Calculation of other compensation payments;
  • Calculation, deduction and transfer of personal income tax from wages;
  • Calculation of insurance contributions to the Funds and IFTS;
  • Provision of salary and tax data for the transfer of funds;
  • Calculation of reserve for vacation.
  • Unloading data from 1C “Salary and Personnel” in a standard format and loading data into 1C “Accounting” in a standard format.


  • Preparation of P-4, P-4NZ, SZV-M, 6-PIT, 4FSS, RSV, 2-NDFL and SZV-staz reports, report on average headcount;
  • Submission of mandatory reporting on wages through electronic communication channels;
  • Preparation of the payroll, accrual and deduction;
  • Preparation and distribution of checklists to employees;
  • Preparation of certificates 2-PIT for employees;
  • Preparation of 182H certificates for employees.


  • Compilation and support of personnel documentation;
  • Registration of employment, transfer, dismissal of employees;
  • Registration of employment contracts, additional agreements;
  • Filling in labor contracts and additional agreements to labor contracts according to ready-made templates;
  • Preparation of local regulatory acts, internal policies of the organization in the field of personnel records;
  • Keeping personal documentation of employees, organizing the storage of personal information;
  • Registration of holidays and business trips;
  • Registration of work on weekends and holidays;
  • Preparation of certificates to employees;
  • Administration of labor books;
  • Preparation of timesheets in the form of T-13;
  • Preparation of T-3 staffing and staffing changes;
  • Keeping a personal T-2 card in electronic form;
  • Accounting for used and unused vacation days;
  • Filling out the SZV-TD report.

If you need to authorize a part of the payment system, you can estimate the preliminary cost in order to make a decision on the need to switch to outsourcing. You can also compare the amount of the requested remuneration if you are already using the services of the provider.

We suggest answering a few key questions in order to get a preliminary cost of payroll services. Select the appropriate answers without gaps and click the CALCULATE button.

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Natalya Polukeeva
Head of the Accounting and Tax Department
Rositsa Boyadzhieva
Deputy Head of Accounting and Tax Department in payroll and HR