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Every company needs accounting

Not a single organization can do without bookkeeping. Any business requires tax and accounting, reporting in accordance with legislative standards. Some companies acquire their own staff of lawyers and accountants, while others choose outsourcing of accounting services. The latter option avoids many additional obstacles, such as buying special equipment, IT-security arrangements, choosing and maintaining an in-house employee, finding a replacement for a vacation or sick leave.

When transferring accounting to outsourcing, you must carefully choose a service provider. You need to find a reliable company with competent, qualified specialists. Extensive work experience will be an additional advantage, since it allows you to address all kind of challenges. The price of services, willingness to start cooperation, and competence in related fields also influence the choice of an outsourcing service provider of an accounting function.

After choosing a partner, you need to sign an agreement that fully prescribes the scope of services, price, and terms of rendering or maintaining reports, proper document flow and other details of cooperation.

Accounting services in Moscow and Saint Petersburg usually include:

  • Conducting accounting, tax accounting.
  • Preparation of reports.
  • Payroll and HR services.
  • Consultations on tax, accounting.
  • Reconstruction of financial accounts
  • Reform the reporting from RAS to IFRS.

Accounting consultations in moscow and saint petersburg

The success of any company depends on accounting. The effectiveness of the process affects the company's turnover, profitability, promotion of goods or services. An incompetent approach will cause a number of difficulties and create unfavorable conditions for any company, from fines to bankruptcy.

The smooth transition to outsourcing of accounting services is carried out in 6 stages:

  • Market research and company selection.
  • Negotiations with a potential outsourced accounting provider.
  • Final approval of the project of transfer of accounting function to outsourcing.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Allocation of a partial resource within the company in charge of the process.
  • Transfer of documents, electronic databases and keys to the accounting function provider.

The price of the provider’s services is specified in the contract, but it is useful to know what parameters it depends on. For example, the cost of accounting may vary depending on the type of activity of the company, the tax system, the size of the company, the number of employees, operations and departments.

The transfer of bookkeeping to EMG will save on recruitment and training, and there is no need to expand the staff. No need to provide a workplace, wasting time, money on employee training, induction, no need to pay social contributions. Accounting services in Moscow and St. Petersburg from Emerging Markets Group will reduce financial risks, avoid or minimize penalties after inspections. Our accountants, auditors, who are constantly improving their qualifications, will direct all their knowledge and skills to solve tasks provided from your company.

Our priority is an accurate attitude, concern for the client’s business, as well as a guarantee of professional responsibility. EMG accountants know that each organization has its own characteristics, there are also certain requirements for reporting. They will quickly understand the standards adopted by the company, so its maintenance and compilation will be exactly in accordance with the norms of your company and legislation.

Outsourcing risk management

There is a risk of financial losses due to incorrect actions of the accounting services provider, as well as the risk of poor-quality services. To minimize these risks, EMG performs the following actions:

  • Configures a quality control system.
  • Carries out coordination of regulations.
  • Offers regular monitoring of compliance with regulations.
  • Has professional liability insurance, indicates in the contract clause on the procedure and terms for reimbursement.

Accounting outsourcing from emerging markets group

Contact EMG and you will get the following:

  • An opportunity to take advantage of the best experience, as well as a guarantee of professional responsibility. High-quality maintenance of reporting documentation. Over 25 years of work in the field of accounting and legal services, we have implemented more than 600 projects. Collaboration with some of the customers lasts for decades. Our employees regularly increase their competence in accounting and legal matters.
  • Diversification of risks. Full privacy and security. We act in the interests of the client, fulfill his requests and requirements regarding the duties entrusted to us, do not transfer company data to third parties.

The ability to focus on core activities, as well as the release of internal resources for other processes. Timely fulfillment of duties, reporting. We meet the agreed deadlines, providing services, accounting advice to St. Petersburg, Moscow, and clients from other cities as quickly as possible, without delays or delays. Our company has over 40 employees, which means that we can assign to the client a whole team of experienced accountants, auditors, lawyers to solve a complex of tasks.

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Partner. Chief Operating Officer
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