Withdrawal from the tax secrecy regime from some information on companies as well as specifying the medium of publication of this information will facilitate vetting potential or current partners. These changes will help to comply with due diligence when selecting a counterparty.
Latest legal developments shall be taken into account upon calculation and payment of interests. Federal Act No. 315-FZ of July 7, 2016 has introduced amendments to Part 1 of Article 317 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
Federal Law No. 272-FZ of July 3, 2016 “On the amendments to individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation enhancing responsibility of employers for violation of the legislation on labour remuneration – delays in payment of earnings» has introduced many amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation.
Everyone who had an experience of doing business in Russia probably faced numerous difficulties involved starting from differences in mentality and ending with various bureaucratic and administrative barriers complicating the procedure.
Our Team of Legal / Financial specialists was recently approached by a foreign law firm and requested to assist in their analysis of the health...
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