SPIBA webinar "Corporate Management and Control"

On July 21, the SPIBA Legal Committee held the webinar "Corporate Governance and Control". The event was attended by two of our colleagues at once: Olga Vorobyova, head of legal practice at EMG, a member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants moderated, Maria Prysyazhnaya, lawyer at EMG gave a presentation with the topic “General meeting: how a manager can share responsibility with a participant (shareholder)”. In the presentation, Maria revealed the following questions:

  • As a CEO and shareholders to respect common interests such as maintaining business, minimizing and eliminating risks at the same time.
  • How to cooperate during a pandemic of common interest?
  • What should be considered in 2020 when holding a general meeting?

If you want to get a presentation, e-mail us: mail@emg.spb.ru