Participation in CFE Fiscal Committee

On February 10 and 11, Olga Vorobyeva, Head of Legal Practice of Emerging Markets Group, Member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants, tax attorney represented the Chamber of Tax Consultants at the meeting of the Fiscal Committee of the European Confederation of Tax Consultants. You can see the report on the results of the meeting on the website of the Chamber.

The European Confederation of Tax Consultants (CFE) has existed since 1959 and brings together 160,000 tax consultants from 22 countries. Its goal is to unite the organizations of tax consultants of European states both within the European Union and outside it, in protecting professional interests and ensuring the quality of services provided to taxpayers.

The Fiscal Committee consists of two subcommittees: a subcommittee on direct taxes and a subcommittee on indirect taxes, which focus on monitoring and responding to changes in tax policy and tax law both at the European and at international levels.

The Fiscal Committee strives to provide members with a holistic view of the current state of affairs in tax policy by providing detailed analysis and updates on the work of the EU, OECD and UN. Member organizations and observers appoint delegates who attend Fiscal Committee meetings and regularly report on changes in tax policy.