Master Class for the Chamber of Tax Consultants

We are very glad to inform that head of legal department Olga Vorobyeva of EMG has developed a master class for the Chamber of Tax Consultants and has conducted it with great success on October 31.

This presentation was devoted to the property responsibility of managers and officers of companies, as well as business owners both before each other and in front of their creditors. What is the property liability of the bodies of a legal entity? What are the grounds for property liability of a legal entity? What risks arise? Who can claim damages? What are the subjects of responsibility? Terms of responsibility? Do the interests of legal entities and the interests of the participant coincide? What is the good faith and reasonableness of action? How are they determined? What is secondary liability? Who can initiate accountability for subsidiary responsibility? The master spoke about the circumstances in which these persons could face the onset of property liability, as well as the conditions necessary to bring a particular person to justice at a meeting of the Tax Workshop.

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