International Tax Planning workshop

“A very important and rare topic - it should be involved”, “... it is important when the lecturers present historical experience and are more subtle and more knowledgeable about the nuances of the material, that is, the initial errors and their transformations in the legislation”, “... I just want to note the professionalism and depth of knowledge of Olga Vorobyeva” - these are just a few reviews of the International Tax Planning workshop organized by the Chamber of Tax Advisers, in which the head of legal practice Emerging Markets Group, tax attorney, member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers Olga Vorobyova took part. The program of the event, held on June 10, 2020, was vibrant and rich; here are just a few of its points:

  • Combating tax evasion in accordance with taxation.
  • Special anti-steady norms in tax regulation: the concept of “beneficial owner”, thin capitalization, controlled foreign companies - legislative instruments and development of application practices in the Russian Federation.
  • Special anti-nucleon norms in comparison with general anti-nucleon norms: problems of application, trends in judicial practice.
  • Tax requirements (intragroup) of cross-border operations (services, business financing, intangible assets and other transactions): reality and economic necessity as “must have”, the general tendency to “retraining” is old and new risks for taxpayers.
  • Practical international tax planning in the Russian Federation.
  • Controlled transactions. Price control of transactions that are not controlled for the purpose of a TP. Actual issues of transfer pricing: improving national legislation trends in judicial practice.

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