Battle “Auditor vs General Director”

On November 16, EMG supported and participated in Battle “Auditor vs General Director” in SPIBA with support of North-West Regional Branch of self-regulatory organization “Russian Union of Auditors”. Event was divided into 2 parts: battle and theoretical part. During the battle the following hot topics were raised:

  • Who needs an audit. 
  • Who is the user of the audit. 
  • How the audit is conducted. 
  • Selective inspection or consultation. 
  • Selection and approval of the auditor. 

Battle was continued by the following presentations:

  • “Audit as evidence of guilt or a remedy” – Olga Lobanova, senior lawyer, auditor of Emerging Markets Group
  • “Evaluation and reflection of the tax risks“ – Svetlana Tikhomirova, lawyer Baker McKenzie
  • “Recommendations for the preparation for the audit” – Pavel Vasin, Senior Manager, Audit of KPMG

If you are interested in getting materials, please contact us via e-mail: ekaterina.ena@emg.spb.r