2 General Directors. SVKK

On September 28, Maria Prisyazhnaya, Senior Lawyer of Emerging Markets Group made a presentation in the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce devoted to the opportunity of legal entities in Russia to have 2 General Directors in order to overcome Covid-19 restrictions.

From September 1, 2014, the company may have several sole executive bodies. They can exercise their powers both jointly and separately, the list of their powers is prescribed in the Charter. As a result of separate management in decision-making by managers with different professional skills and knowledge, a balance of competencies is achieved. This model is of particular relevance during COVID-2019 pandemic and its effects:

  • Why do foreign companies need two directors in Russia
  • Management company as second director
  • Management models with two directors
  • Objectives, advantages and disadvantages of such management model
  • Which model is right for you? Options from practice, real cases

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