Regulation of remote work

A draft law on amending the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, expanding the regulation of remote work and introducing regulation of temporary remote employment was adopted in the State Duma in the first reading.

In particular, the draft law introduces three types of distance employment:

  • remote work - an existing type of remote employment
  • temporary remote work - transfer of an employee to remote work on a temporary basis
  • combined remote work - a mode involving work at a stationary workplace and on a remote basis

In addition, the planned innovations make adjustments to the procedure for exchanging documents with the remote employees, establishing working hours, as well as the procedure for interacting with a remote employee during his rest.

While it is being finalized, EMG lawyers are ready to advice on the organization of remote work of employees, and assist in preparation documentation in accordance with the current labor law and new rules.

Olga Lobanova
Senior Legal Counsel. Auditor

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