Sick leave payments from January 1, 2021

We would like to remind you that from January 1, 2021, the procedure for calculation and payment of benefits and sick lists to the employees will change. The innovations were introduced in order to guarantee the payment of social benefits to citizens, regardless of the financial standing of employers.

The funds will go to the employees directly, from the regional branch of the Social Insurance Fund, bypassing the employer, and the accountant will only have to transfer the employee's documents to the Social Insurance Fund department:

  • application for payment of benefits in the form from the order of the Fund dated November 24, 2017 No. 578
  • certificate of incapacity for work
  • certificates of earnings from previous jobs for the billing period

The employee, in turn, must provide the employer with documents confirming the right to receive benefits, as well as write a statement where he indicates the details to which it is more convenient for him to receive benefits: to a MIR card, to a bank account or by postal order. The priority is the transfer of benefits to the card of the national payment system "MIR". More than 150 banks throughout the country are engaged in the issue of MIR cards.

If you need more information on the mechanism for paying benefits, opening a MIR card or other labor relations issues, please contact our experts.