Interim Management Services

The current political environment is forcing foreign companies operating in Russia to make decisions with little or no time for reflection. If circumstances nevertheless are compelling you to reduce or terminate your Russian activities, we suggest considering (at least on a temporary basis), putting your operations into dormancy and transferring the General Director’s authorities to a trustee.

Interim management of a company in Russia helps to achieve such goals as ensuring business continuity, comprehensive financial and legal preparation for the dormant mode, and the availability of legal support in complex matters.

The involvement of a Management Company allows you to control the authority of the Management Company as well as to detail the decision-making procedure in a manner that provides comfort for the shareholders.

Additionally, the use of an interim management company can be carried out through several scenarios:

  • Transfer of a full set of powers to the sole executive body or
  • Separation of powers through the presence of two sole executive bodies that can exercise their powers either jointly or separately.

Emerging Markets Group offers Interim Management services in Russia for as long as you may need. Our team has experience in solving issues of various levels of complexity and will help you find a solution, which will make you comfortable. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to schedule a call with us to discuss your specific situation.