Amendments to Labor Legislation

The following amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation came into force in October 2016 and established that:

1. The settlement deadlines for the final payments of wages shall not be later than fifteen calendar days from the end of the period for which the salary is being paid. Fixed terms for the paying of wages shall be set in the labor contract, collective agreement or internal work regulations.

2. Doubling of the employer’s liability for violating the terms for paying wages from 1/300th of the Bank of Russia’s key rate to 1/150th of the overdue amount per day. 

3. The time limit for an employee’s right to file a court claim for the non-payment or partial payment of wages and other sums owed to the employee has been extended from 3 months to a year.

Amendments have also been made to the Code of Administrative Offences, which specify a list of violations of labor laws and penalties.  Currently labor inspections may enforce accountability for:

  • non-payment of salaries;
  • non-performance of special assessment of labor conditions in the workplace;
  • the lack of mandatory provisions of a labor contract, including labor conditions at the workplace as set out after special assessments;  
  • conclusion of a civil law contract instead of a labor contract;
  • violations of norms for labor safety.

Penalties for violations range up to 200 000 rubles and may be imposed by the oversight authority for each violation either separately or together.

The full text of the article in Russian is available via a .




Olga Vorobyeva
Head of the Legal Practice
Olga Lobanova
Senior Legal Counsel. Auditor