On May 27, 2021, the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia held its annual Human Resources Conference on the topic "transforming talent in the post-pandemic world."
On March 30, Olga Lobanova, Senior Lawyer of Emerging Markets Group, made a presentation at the event, dedicated to personal data protection in Russia organized by the St. Petersburg Business Association SPIBA.
We would like to remind you that a limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall annually conduct an Annual General Meeting of the Company’s participants to approve the results of the Company’s activity for the past year.
We would like to remind you that Russian companies, members of multinational enterprise group shall report with regard to 2020 fiscal year as follows:
Presidential decree #242 of April 23 proclaims May 4 – 7 to be “Non – Working Days” (not to be confused with “Holidays”).
We would like to remind you that companies should notify the Federal Tax Service about all controlled transactions that took place in 2020 by May 20, 2021.
Emerging Markets Group is a service company combining Western management and standards with extensive Russian experience. Since 1994, our outsourced accounting, tax, and legal services have helped both large Fortune 500 and small companies in the St. Petersburg and Moscow regions to prosper in Russia’s changing business environment.
The article “How the legal services market has changed during the pandemic” has been published on the RBC news portal. Head of legal practice of Emerging Markets Group Olga Vorobyeva also commented on the situation.
Withdrawal from the tax secrecy regime from some information on companies as well as specifying the medium of publication of this information will facilitate vetting potential or current partners. These changes will help to comply with due diligence when selecting a counterparty.

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