Meeting of the working group for marketing of the German Russian Chamber of Commerce

On March 26, an orientation meeting of the marketing and sales working group took place in St. Petersburg.

The marketing secrets were shared by Pukshanskaya Nadezhda, who, using the example of the largest project in St. Petersburg, OHTA MALL, told how to attract customers to the site with the help of bright advertising and non-standard activities, such as viral video.

Ekaterina Tulyankina from Faros.Media informed about the impact of the Internet on the brand's reputation and gave practical advice on brand management. Did you know that 80% of people make decisions based on reviews on the Internet, and 2% of customers are always dissatisfied with the product?

At the end of the meeting, Ekaterina Ena, Marketing Director of Emerging Markets Group (EMG), was elected Chairman of the working group. Congratulations!