We will act as your Chief Accountant as defined by Russian rules and regulations and provide:

  • Full Russian Reporting Compliance
  • Conversation from RAS to GAAP or IFRS
  • Quarterly Tax declaration
  • Custom Tailored Monthly International Reporting
  • Payroll calculations, payments and withholdings

No Chief Accountant can guarantee the success of your business, but in Russia without the proper accounting skills, you don’t have a chance. By using our outsourced accounting services you are free to focus on your core business and growth.


Nothing grows in a vacuum. Successful businesses in Russia require the cohesion of legal, tax and accounting principles. Our synergy within these fields allows us to spot issues before they become problems so that you can act proactively.

Local expertise

Accounting is a delicate aspect to a company’s business operations in any jurisdiction, but because of its proximity to tax legislation, this is especially true in Russia. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt foreign documentation to fit Russian accounting and tax requirements, as well as making otherwise confusing aspects of Russian law understandable to those coming from foreign jurisdictions.


Taxation and efficient transaction structuring is one of the most vital and complex areas faced by businesses operating in Russia and can quickly become central to many legal considerations.

Our specialists understand the Russian tax system and can help navigate the complex and frequently changing regulations.

Years of quality

Since 1994 our accounting and legal services have helped companies operating in the St. Petersburg region to prosper in Russia’s changing business environment.


Our lawyers have the comprehensive legal and regulatory knowledge required to provide pragmatic, value-added services to your enterprise.

EMG Principles

We combine knowledge, experience and pragmatism to help our clients excel.

EMG Philosophy

Nothing grows in a vacuum so we take a holistic approach to the Accounting, Tax and Legal assistance that we render.

Commitment to value for EMG

We strive to become an integral part of you team and an asset in helping you fulfill your objectives.


Accounting for business is a delicate aspect to a company’s operations in any country, but because of its unique tax environment, this is especially true in Russia. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt foreign documentation to conform to Russian accounting standards and tax requirements, as well as making otherwise confusing aspects of Russian law understandable to foreigners. Many of the most successful companies operating in and around Saint-Petersburg have entrusted us with this responsibility.Why do companies choose outsourced accounting services? By outsourcing these responsibilities, companies can focus on their core business competencies and concentrate on growth.

A chief accountant can be the most important person in the company. This is true in countries throughout the world, but perhaps more so in Russia than in other places. Russian legislation puts accountants on the forefront of tax laws, currency control regulations, profit repatriation, employment compensation and just about everything else that is important to the success of a business. A good Russian chief accountant can’t guarantee your company’s success, but without one, you don’t have a chance. Accounting in Russia is one of the internal corporate activities that can easily be outsourced. The advantages of accounting services in our firm are clear: no sick or vacation days, breadth and depth of our knowledge, secure computer software. Working with us management can focus in growth instead of worrying about the cumbersome nuances of Russian Accounting Standards

We are the leading outsourced accounting and bookkeeping company which provides services in the following areas: tax and accounting services, outsourced bookkeeping (book keeping outsourcing) and legal services, as well as tax consulting and registration of international companies in St. Petersburg.

09 July, 2015

11 July 2015, the amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation will come into effect, namely the article No. 65 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation has been amended as follows: “At a written request of a person,...

02 June, 2015

04 June 2015, EMG is going to participate in the job fair of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics